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19/10/09: MBUK Lights roundup WINNER!!!

Tiger Lights are officially the best MTB lights in the UK!

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16/01/09: Bikeradar review

Tiger Lights get 4.5/5 in Bikeradar review!

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12/12/08: MBUK review

Tiger Lights get 9/10 for performance and 9/10 for value in MBUK magazine!
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29/11/08: Another Review

ScienceOfficer, a regular SingleTrack forum contributor has posted an in depth review.
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03/09/08: Website

Mini website launched to give people more informantion about the Tiger Lights.

14/08/08: New batch

Batch of the latest Tiger Light design get into the hands of more Shipham riders.

09/05/08: Custom buttons

Custom silicon button samples arrive. Glow nicely with good tactile feel.

20/03/08: New lenses

A variety of new lenses are sourced and tested. Winning lenses chosen.

01/02/08: Testing

Ten prototypes start being used by the Shipham group.

16/01/08: First CNC run

First run of 10 CNC prototypes arrives from the CNC house.

ScienceOfficer's Review

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