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19/10/09: MBUK Lights roundup WINNER!!!

Tiger Lights are officially the best MTB lights in the UK!

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16/01/09: Bikeradar review

Tiger Lights get 4.5/5 in Bikeradar review!

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12/12/08: MBUK review

Tiger Lights get 9/10 for performance and 9/10 for value in MBUK magazine!
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29/11/08: Another Review

ScienceOfficer, a regular SingleTrack forum contributor has posted an in depth review.
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03/09/08: Website

Mini website launched to give people more informantion about the Tiger Lights.

14/08/08: New batch

Batch of the latest Tiger Light design get into the hands of more Shipham riders.

09/05/08: Custom buttons

Custom silicon button samples arrive. Glow nicely with good tactile feel.

20/03/08: New lenses

A variety of new lenses are sourced and tested. Winning lenses chosen.

01/02/08: Testing

Ten prototypes start being used by the Shipham group.

16/01/08: First CNC run

First run of 10 CNC prototypes arrives from the CNC house.

Customer reviews

Colin, Somerset: Colin wrote an extremely comprehensive review with photos on the singletrackworld forum. You can read this review here: Or if that link doesnt work then you can read it here.
Dave, Somerset: I've been using a Tiger light since Jan '08 every single week. They've been through the worst of the Mendip mud, been deliberately left on the bars upside down while dipped in oogles of mud as tyres were changed. The fuel gauge is tops. Sort of gives you a nice feedack feeling on the state of play with the lamp. If you run it on half power it lasts for hours - mine runs for over 9 hours which is usefull if you have to cover big distances on tarmac or fire roads were you don't really need full light. Overall the lights have not failed at all, there has been a massive amount of attention to detail based on feedback from our night rides.
Steve, Somerset: I'm impressed with the build quality and the overall level of illumination that the Tiger Light gives. If you've ever used any of the other LED systems you'll know that you are never quite sure what light you are getting or where you are up to on battery power. The power gauge and the simple high/low/off button make for easy use on the fly. The short charge time has helped me out when I've been to lazy to recharge after riding. The fact that the gauge & switch dim soon after use keeps them unobtrusive. Its a great bit of kit.
Jonny, Somerset: I've got a twin set (flood and spot) and large battery. Excellent, excellent, excellent. I could drive my car by them!
Mark, Up north: First of all fantastic! I ran both lights on "low" (ho! ho!) and it was more than sufficient to get me up and over the most technical of climbs and down most of the descents. It was noticeable that guys with HIDs 10m in front were suffering from the shadow effect by my lights. I used the "max" power settings on the steepest fastest downhill and they were perfect in both spread and depth with one angled slightly lower than the other. They outlasted an enduro Maxx which ran out of puff on the pull home despite the owner being frugal.
Kathryn, Yorkshire: Just taken delivery of a set of your lights. They are fantastic. Best that we've seen/tested.
Lisa, Somerset: Finally my “cycling in the dark” excuses have had to end with the acquisition of Tiger Lights! The double light combination supporting different lens specifications ensures that there is a main forward-reaching beam and a second wide-cast beam. Charge time is short and battery life is better than any other light I have come across highly recommended!
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