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19/10/09: MBUK Lights roundup WINNER!!!

Tiger Lights are officially the best MTB lights in the UK!

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16/01/09: Bikeradar review

Tiger Lights get 4.5/5 in Bikeradar review!

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12/12/08: MBUK review

Tiger Lights get 9/10 for performance and 9/10 for value in MBUK magazine!
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29/11/08: Another Review

ScienceOfficer, a regular SingleTrack forum contributor has posted an in depth review.
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03/09/08: Website

Mini website launched to give people more informantion about the Tiger Lights.

14/08/08: New batch

Batch of the latest Tiger Light design get into the hands of more Shipham riders.

09/05/08: Custom buttons

Custom silicon button samples arrive. Glow nicely with good tactile feel.

20/03/08: New lenses

A variety of new lenses are sourced and tested. Winning lenses chosen.

01/02/08: Testing

Ten prototypes start being used by the Shipham group.

16/01/08: First CNC run

First run of 10 CNC prototypes arrives from the CNC house.

The Tiger Lights business is For Sale!

When Tiger Lights were judged as the best high performance MTB lights in the UK by MBUK magazine, it was a great moment for our small Somerset business. What had started as a quest for a better light hit the big time and sales went through the roof. Now the dark season is over, we have decided that the best possible chance for the Tigers to go forth and take over the world is to sell the Tiger Light business to a company who has the investment and production facilities to make this happen.

For this reason we have decided to offer the Tiger Light business for sale. This would include complete design handover of the product design, firmware, tooling and website/marketing materials.

If you are interested in taking on a profitable product and making it a business in its own right then please do contact us through the contact page.

If you are an existing customer of ours, don't worry, all the Tigers out there will still be fully supported!

The Custom Idea Team.

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