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19/10/09: MBUK Lights roundup WINNER!!!

Tiger Lights are officially the best MTB lights in the UK!

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16/01/09: Bikeradar review

Tiger Lights get 4.5/5 in Bikeradar review!

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12/12/08: MBUK review

Tiger Lights get 9/10 for performance and 9/10 for value in MBUK magazine!
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29/11/08: Another Review

ScienceOfficer, a regular SingleTrack forum contributor has posted an in depth review.
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03/09/08: Website

Mini website launched to give people more informantion about the Tiger Lights.

14/08/08: New batch

Batch of the latest Tiger Light design get into the hands of more Shipham riders.

09/05/08: Custom buttons

Custom silicon button samples arrive. Glow nicely with good tactile feel.

20/03/08: New lenses

A variety of new lenses are sourced and tested. Winning lenses chosen.

01/02/08: Testing

Ten prototypes start being used by the Shipham group.

16/01/08: First CNC run

First run of 10 CNC prototypes arrives from the CNC house.

Tiger Lights

Tiger Lights are the WINNERS! In a massive lights round-up review in MBUK magazine consisting of 14 light sets from all the main lights manufacturers, the Tiger Lights came out on top, proving that small British companies can triumph when it comes to ingenuity and high quality design! Click below to read!

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Tiger Lights are quite simply the best high performance mountain biking lights available today. With each lamp unit offering an 825 lumen output, and a unique auto-fading fuel gauge, these extremely compact lights will help you light up those trails like you've never seen them before.

Brighter than HIDs (825 lumens per lamp)
Rear auto-fading fuel gauge
Backlit button shows light level
Over 8 hours on low setting
Over 2.5 hours on high setting
State of art lithium-polymer battery
Charge from flat in under 1.5 hours
Pouch or bottle battery available
Total weight of 390g including battery and lamp
Over temperature protection with auto-fade
Super low setting available when battery gets low
Lamp units are 42mm diameter and 45mm long
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