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Tiger MTB lights set

No longer sold

Item Description

Tiger Light - Extreme performance MTB lights

Tiger Lights are review-winning high performance mountain biking lights designed for the most demanding MTB riders and our harsh UK weather. With each lamp unit offering an 825 lumen output, and a unique auto-fading fuel gauge, these extremely compact lights will help you light up those trails like you've never seen them before. Watch out for cheap imitations - many customers are purchasing low cost light sets only to have them fail within a few months due to poor design.

Tiger Lights have a dedicated mini-site which has everything from beam shots to reviews and full feature descriptions - why not check it out: www.tigerlights.co.uk
Extremely bright (825 lumens per lamp)
Rear auto-fading fuel gauge
Backlit button shows light level
Over 7 hours with both on low setting
Over 2 hours with both on high setting
State of art lithium-polymer battery
Neoprene pouch with stretchy velcro
Over temperature protection with auto-fade
Super low setting available when battery gets low

Tiger Lights are compact and light!
Tiger Lights fantastic rear auto-fade fuel gauge!
Tiger lights won the MBUK lights round up review:

Tiger Lights won the MBUK lights round up review!

Unique features and operation:
Basic operation: A long press on the button turns the light on or off, and a short press changes between low and high power modes. The button glows with a colour indicating the power setting – green for low power and blue for high power.
Fuel gauge: Tiger Lights have a unique six LED fuel gauge that displays the battery level. This invaluable feature gives you great confidence in knowing how much is left in the tank. The fuel gauge comes up bright whenever you press the button, then softly fades after a few seconds.
Low battery warning: When the battery is nearly empty the red fuel gauge light will flash to warn you. When this happens the light will fade from the current setting to a hidden super low setting, giving at least half an hour extra to get you home.
Over temperature warning: Tiger Lights automatically soft-fade to low power if they get too hot and the main button will flash red until the light has cooled down. Unlike some other lights, the temperature auto fade is unlikely to happen during normal use.
Charging the battery: The super fast smart charger charges the battery from flat in no time at all. After a typical ride it normally takes less than an hour to charge.
Mounting the light: The mount has a quick release thumbscrew and works well on both oversized and normal sized bars. The lamp is attached to the mount with a stiff friction clamp which allows it to be turned from side to side so you can get the light where you want it.
Plugging it in: The Tiger lights use high quality cables and connectors with gold plated contacts. The connectors are at right angles so they don’t get in the way, and they connect with a reliable and reassuring ‘click’.
Weather: Tiger lights were designed in the Mendips for the wet weather of the UK. The lamp unit is sealed and the battery is enclosed in a thick plastic pouch within the neoprene. Although we don’t recommend you run them underwater, they will shrug off even the wettest of weather.
Battery pouch: The battery is contained in a neoprene pouch which has a wide stretchy velcro strap to fix it to your top tube. The stretchy velcro makes the battery really secure on the bike, so it won't slide about like many other velcro battery bags out there.
Battery technology: Tiger lights use state of the art lithium polymer batteries. These have a higher energy density than lithium ion batteries and can be charged more quickly. The batteries have a special built in circuit which protects them against short circuit, over charging and over discharging.

What you get:

Two machined aluminium Tiger Light lamp units, one spot and one flood, each with our unique auto-fading fuel gauge.
One large 4.5Ah 14.8V lithium polymer battery with two leads, in our unique neoprene pouch complete with stretchy velcro.
One high performance lithium polymer smart charger to quickly charge your battery.
Dont take our word for it, here is some genuine customer feedback:

"I've got a twin set (flood and spot) and large battery. Excellent, excellent, excellent. I could drive my car by them! " - Johnny
"Just taken delivery of a set of your lights. They are fantastic. Best that we've seen/tested." - Kathryn
"Finally my 'cycling in the dark' excuses have had to end with the acquisition of Tiger Lights!" - Lisa
"The power gauge and the simple high/low/off button make for easy use on the fly." - Steve
"I've been using my new Tiger Lights for about a month now and THERE GRRRREAT" - Dave

Frequently asked questions:

Are these lights CE tested? Yes, unlike the cheap imported lights these lights have been tested by an approved UK test house.
Are Tigers shipped from the UK? Yes - Tigers were designed and are assembled in the UK and the stock is here.
Where can I find out more about these lights? Go to the main website at www.tigerlights.co.uk.
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