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GeoPic II Geotagging unit for Nikon cameras

No longer sold

Item Description

Connect this tiny unit to your Nikon DSLR and the GPS location of every shot will be automatically added to the image file. With patent pending low power technology and the ability to geotag whilst indoors, the GeoPic II is the most advanced device of its kind. Make no mistake, this is a vastly more intelligent product than the cheap copies you may see elsewhere, which are no more than a GPS module in a box!

The GeoPic II is now stocked at B&H Photo in the US!
The GeoPic II enjoyed a great review in the March issue of Professional Photographer magazine, scoring 5/5 for performance and 4/5 overall!
The GeoPic II with Nikon's great little 50mm f/1.8 lens (not included!)
Read the recent review in Professional Photography magazine

Suitable for Nikon D200/D300/D700/D2HS/D2X/D2XS/D3 and Fuji S5 Pro
Our unique combined strap and hotshoe mount!
Patent pending low power operation - 3 x more photos!
Ability to geotag photos whilst indoors
High sensitivity SiRF III GPS receiver with fast locking
Unique combined hotshoe and strap mount (shown below)
Remote shutter release socket as standard
Eight user settings including auto off and sounder options
Extremely compact at 35x58x16 mm (1.4x2.3x0.6 inches)

The GeoPic II sets itself aside from the competiton by having three intelligent modes of operation. One of the key advantages of the GeoPic II is the low power technology we have used in the device, which means your battery lasts longer, much longer. Check out the table below to see the operation of the different modes:

ContinuousGPS data is continually sent to the camera when it is available (this is the only mode you get with the competition).315
Low PowerUsing patent-pending technology, GPS data is only sent to the camera when you are about to take a picture. This means your battery lasts much longer.970
FreezeThe GPS location is frozen meaning you can continue to geotag photos whilst indoors. In freeze mode the GeoPic II has almost no impact on the camera's battery life at all!1690
No GeoPic II attached[This value lets you compare the other photo counts with not having the GeoPic II attached at all.]1750
†Based on 3 large res, basic quality JPEGs taken every 2 minutes - obviously everyone's shooting style is different, but these numbers let you see the relative advantages of the different modes.

For more detailed information you can download our high quality manual here.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the time (in UTC format) from the satellites recorded? Yes it is.
Does the GPS info get recorded for both RAW and JPEG images? It does indeed.
What is the map datum? WGS-84.
What software should I use with my geo-tagged photos? I have used Picasa and Google earth with good success. KUSO Exif Viewer and Opanda also integrate with Google maps which works well. Also, if you import the photos into Adobe's Lightroom program the GPS info is in the metadata section, and to the right of the GPS metadata info is a right pointing arrow: clicking on this arrow immediately launches Google Maps and shows an aerial photo of where the shot was taken. One of our customers recommends Microsoft Expression Media which can handle the GPS data in the EXIF files and show the location in Virtual Earth (http://maps.live.com). More recently, the latest version of Nikon ViewNX now has Geotag ability which is superb and simple with a toolbar icon to initiate Google maps. Apple "Preview" standard software (v5 and up) will read GPS data. Also Freeware "JetPhoto Studio" for Mac and PC will read the GPS data. If you have used a good program then contact me and I will add it to this FAQ answer.

Note: this product is designed and manufactured by Custom Idea, NOT Nikon. Nikon D200, D2HS, D2X and D2XS are registered trademarks or a trademark of NIKON CORPORATION. Products and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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